Millennials in Integralia

Integralia continues with the purpose of adding talent to its organization

At present, large companies are looking for multicultural team workers. Following this corporate philosophy, Integralia continues decidedly with the commitment of including young talent in its recruiting. Talent capable to promote new, fast and innovative ideas within our processes. An engine that implies a change in the implementation of a new organizational culture, with effective and sustainable strategies. In fact, throughout 2017, Integralia staff has increased progressively by young talents, all of them Millennials profiles.

Millennials, as is known to the members of the generation born and raised in the digital era, are characterized by their proactivity and entrepreneurial skill qualities of high value for the companies. But also by their high levels of demand and information they handle thanks to the extensive use of new technologies.

From left to right. Jorge (Draughtsman), Alberto (Administrative), Andrés (Computer Engineer), Alejandro (Quality Manager), Vanesa Sanchez (Project Manager), Vanesa Cabañas (Draughtsman) y Ramón (Draughtsman)

All of this is a challenge for the departments that manage human talent, giving a twist to its organizational culture and adapting their work patterns to the new pace of work proposed in this model, understanding that, although there are large differences from one generation to another, they are absolutely complementary.

Millennials have a different perception of work, happiness and lifestyle. This vision starts to generate a “shock” inside of companies, and many of them are not ready yet. However, for natural reasons, companies need to adapt their processes to begin to nurture this young talent. It is estimated that by 2020, Millennials will represent 35% of the global workforce.

“50% of Integralia staff is formed by Millennials”


Integralia participates in the construction of the most important hospital in Europe

Integralia takes part in this exciting project creating the most important Hospital in Europe, whose size will be 247.000m2 and will have an investment over 200 million.

Integralia, contract awardee, will produce and erect more than 2.500 tons of steel in hot-rolled profiles, 30.000 m2 of metal deck, and more than 5.000 m2 of grating.  Our proximity ensures our capability to act quickly and dynamically.

All production processes previous to transportation, will be carried out in our facilities in Cabañas de la Sagra, as engineering development, manufacturing and assembly of all elements, in order to ensure that everything complies with all tolerances and quality standards required.

This is not the first hospital project executed by Integralia, it joins the one undertaken in Haiti in 2014 and it is especially exciting to be part of it for the added value and meaning of creating a hospital of this magnitude in our province, because it will generate a total of 35 new jobs as welders (site and workshop), assemblers and technical staff, among others.

New Toledo’s Hospital

Site works are starting and the prediction is to begin receiving patients in the second half of 2019, after 24 months of edification works and 6 of technological endowment.

This hospital, which will be a reference in Spain and Europe, it will have 1142 beds, 62 boxes, 39 operating rooms, and includes the creation of an assisted reproduction area, a specific area for the coordination of transplants, stroke units, mammary pathology units, and a vascular laboratory.

“Integralia saves lives with each hospital project carried out”

Talent in Integralia

Castilla La Mancha University and Integralia have signing a collaboration agreement to regulate internships of university students.

Both entities, aware of student’s potential (Grade, Post-Grade, and Master’s Degree), have reached this agreement, signing by Maria Llanos López Muñoz, Director of center for information and promotion of employment known by its acronym as CIPE, and Catalina Carrasco Fernandez, Human Resources and Talent Manager in Integralia. Its propose is give a deeper and closer knowledge to the competencies that they need in the future, also to bring them closer to the realities of laboral world where they will work once they have been titled.

This agreement is part of Integralia Talent Strategy, in which, the collaboration with the best universities and business schools is a cornerstone in our strategy. We are granting to students the possibility to work link in our company, once they have known our corporative culture. This generate positives experiences for both, and proof of it is the high number of workers that are hired when they finish their.

“The greater the attraction of talent, the greater the wealth brought to the company”


Catalina Carrasco, Human Resources and Talent Management     Manuel Velázquez, Human Resources and Comunication

World Environment Day and Integralia

The company promotes respect for the environment.

Today, June 5th, 2017 is World Environment Day and INTEGRALIA wants to support this initiative aware of how much important it is and our role in this society.

INTEGRALIA is a company of building and design metallic structures sector, which has the fortune to participate on the construction of renewable energy plants which will be decisive to the environmental conservation, we hope continue making this way of construction in a future, for the added value that it brings.

Our direct way of commitment is carrying out a “Green Building” Strategy; we make high quality buildings with the lowest possible environmental impact. And we can prove it having and complying ISO 14001 certificate, an international standard of environmental management.

From INTEGRALIA we encourage you to be respectful with environmental and participate in this important day, thank you.

“A lighter brand is a longer-lived planet”

Integralia, WEB presentation

Estimados clientes,

Me es grato comunicarles que INTEGRALIA da un paso más en su sistemática de mejora continua. Por ello tengo el gusto de presentarles una actualización de los medios de interacción que utilizamos con Ustedes, a través de nuestra nueva página WEB desde la que también podrán descargar nuestro portfolio.

INTEGRALIA tiene una visión de negocio con objetivos muy dinámicos para adaptarse a las condiciones que imponen tanto los mercados nacionales como internacionales. Esta filosofía de trabajo la queremos transmitir a través de nuestra nueva WEB, donde información e imágenes se suceden provocando una total interacción con nuestro entorno.

INTEGRALIA nació en 2010 con la idea de prestar un servicio global a sus Clientes. Con éste objetivo, nuestro apartado en la WEB de I+D se potencia para que continúe siendo un referente en el que nuestros clientes puedan visualizar aquellos estudios e informes específicos que nuestro Departamento de Ingeniería elabora en el desarrollo de sus proyectos.

Nuestros proyectos son nuestro mejor sello de Garantía. Siguiendo unas directrices muy estrictras en nuestras Políticas de Calidad y Medio Ambiente, INTEGRALIA obtiene los más altos niveles de eficiencia en sus trabajos, cumpliendo fielmente con la normativa en vigor aplicable.

INTEGRALIA pone a su total disposición todos los recursos humanos y técnicos disponibles en nuestra organización para conseguir que sus proyectos se conviertan en una realidad, de acuerdo a sus necesidades, mejorando sus expectativas económicas y conforme a lo planificado, lo que nos permite asegurarles que obtendrán un producto global de calidad.

Con el objetivo de seguir colaborando con ustedes,