Integralia we are all

Integralia is formed by more than hundred workers from welders to engineers.

Always than we write in our blog, we show you the quality of our products, our new projects carrying out, or the internationalization of our company, and sometimes we forget the true craftsmen of these wonders. Our workers are the most important input of our company because without them we cannot carry out our activity.

Integralia, for the nature of its activity, its formed by profiles really different, each one with its own qualification and its own function in the organization, however all are necessaries to the develop of our business. Administratives, Business Developers, Engineers, Drafters, Welders, Painters, Assemblers, Cleaners, Human Resources, and sorry if we forget someone, are the professionals that make Integralia possible, all of them captained by our president and managers.


Technical office


Professionals who work in this industry, well know how is working by projects and how is developed it, however, this could be totally unknown for the rest. We want to explain you how is do it.

We going to divide the projects in five phases to make it easy:

  1. First phase: Everything start to work when a client offer petition comes, it is received by our commercials than translate it to our techniques, these last do a tech-economic study which determinate the difficulty and quantity of material it is necessary to execute the project. We considerate this labor as most important step, because it’s determinate the project adjudication.


  1. Second phase: When the first phase is finished is because our services have been hired, therefore we can develop the project on the technic office, designing plans, and the following launch to manufacture.


  1. Third phase: basically is the purchase of material and necessary recourses for its manufacture, fabrication.


  1. Fourth phase: It is the structure manufacture following the quality standards required for its execution, complying with the relevant regulation, and the quality control demanded. And protection of structures against corrosion and packaging of them for shipment.


  1. Fifth phase: Finally we need to carry out the logistic to translate all the structures and we mount it in the indicated place.

As you can see, the projects are extensive and need the participation, cooperation and team work of all members that form Integralia.

“THANK YOU to be part of Integralia”