World Environment Day and Integralia

The company promotes respect for the environment.

Today, June 5th, 2017 is World Environment Day and INTEGRALIA wants to support this initiative aware of how much important it is and our role in this society.

INTEGRALIA is a company of building and design metallic structures sector, which has the fortune to participate on the construction of renewable energy plants which will be decisive to the environmental conservation, we hope continue making this way of construction in a future, for the added value that it brings.

Our direct way of commitment is carrying out a “Green Building” Strategy; we make high quality buildings with the lowest possible environmental impact. And we can prove it having and complying ISO 14001 certificate, an international standard of environmental management.

From INTEGRALIA we encourage you to be respectful with environmental and participate in this important day, thank you.

“A lighter brand is a longer-lived planet”